FAQ & Tips

Frequent Ask Question of U.Mi Makeup

  • What are the ingredients in U.Mi Makeup? It is all natural?

    U.Mi Makeup foundation has only few ingredients which all are 100% pure minerals. Mica is the main ingredients which to provide well camouflage, Iron oxides provide the natural color and Titanium Dioxide is to give sun protection. U.Mi Makeup 100% pure minerals doesn’t contains of any chemical ingredients, additives and any harmful fillers which is so safe for all skin types.

  • Is U.Mi Makeup easy to use?

    Yes! Whether you are a beginner or professional, you will find that U.Mi Makeup is easily applied by anyone. In a few simple steps you will be step out the door with confident flawless radiant looking skin that will last all day!

  • U.Mi Makeup safe for all skin types?

    Yes. As U.Mi Makeup contains NO of chemicals, synthetic colors, Talc & Bismuth Oxychloride or any other filler which the cause of most breakouts, and skin reactions. It is even suitable to use for sensitive skin, rosacea skin or who have had treatments such as chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing treatments.

  • Is U.Mi Makeup having an SPF?

    Yes. U.Mi Makeup has SPF 15 through the Titanium Dioxide which offer broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

  • Are U.Mi Makeup waterproof?

    In fact U.Mi Makeup is “Water Resistant” rather than “Waterproof”. Waterproof it is necessary to add oil or wax to repel the water. The addition of these ingredients defeats the purpose of 100% pure mineral makeup as they will clog pores and high possibility cause breakouts and or irritations.

  • I have had problems with acne; will this makeup cause me to breakout worse?

    U.Mi Makeup is 100% pure mineral makeup which is non-comedogenic. It is perfectly for acne skin to apply 100% pure mineral makeup which minerals are anti bacteria and anti inflammatory ingredients.

  • If I have more mature & aging skin, will U.Mi Makeup work well for me?

    U.Mi Makeup is suitable for all skin types. In fact the minerals will act like a mirror it will reduce the appearance of fine lines. Before applying, be sure to moisturize then apply U.Mi Makeup.

  • I have dry skin; can use U.Mi Makeup’s powder foundations?

    Yes. Many people think that a powder will dry the skin, which is completely UNTRUE! What dries out the skin are the fillers and additives in most of the conventional makeup products. After apply U.Mi Makeup will provide flawless radiant looking skin.

  • Do I compulsory to apply moisturizer before makeover?

    Using a moisturizer is very important. Skin’s surface moisture need to replenish regularly. Using a proper moisturizer will make your skin soft and supple and it allows makeup to adhere to skin more evenly.

  • What should I use to remove my makeup at the end of the day?

    Due to U.Mi Makeup doesn’t contains of any oil base or wax therefore just a normal facial cleanser is already good enough to cleanse off the makeup. You may have option of milky cleanser or foaming cleanser depends on your skin type.


Troubleshooting Tips

A. Mask like or too heavy

Cause: Over application, the color tone is not suitable or incorrect applicator for the product

Solution: Try a different foundation shade. U.Mi Makeup highly pigmented it is very light and beautiful. Use U.Mi Makeup Silk Face Brush and gently apply the powder foundation layer by layer until coverage is desired.

B. Dry appearance

Cause: Excessive application of the powder or skin has not been properly moisturized and toned

Solution: After applied skincare regime and allow extra time let skin fully absorb before apply U.Mi Makeup. Tips: layer by layer over apply with the silk face brush and buff more for natural effects.

C. Pores appear larger or powder is lying in the fine lines

Cause: Surface of the skin has not been prime adequate

Solution: Apply skincare sufficiently and may add in a primer before the makeover if needed to.

D. Shiny or Oily appearance

Cause: Over application, moisturizer too heavy or tendency to oily skin type.

Solution: Oily skin need to choose a correct skincare. May need more layer of U.Mi Makeup foundation to blend well with the sebum production for long lasting effect.

E. Streaked, blotchy or uneven appearance

Cause: Over application, moisturizer is too greasy, or the moisturizer is not completely penetrated before the powder is applied.

Solution: Minimize the amount of powder used, be sure that you have applied an even layer of moisturizer and allowed to fully absorb for a full 5 minutes before applying powder.


Guidelines for 100% pure mineral makeup

1. 100% pure mineral makeup Vs natural makeup

To be a rational consumer it is advisable to always read the labels and familiarize with the ingredients. The terms of [Naturally minerals] & [All pure minerals] are commonly used in most of the cosmetic makeup products but the differences are lies in the ingredients. The common ingredients in conventional cosmetic makeup or mineralized makeup are a combination of base, powder and colors. The fillers like mineral oils, fragrances and chemical preservatives are part of the formula which makes the product more perfect. For example, compact powders, liquid foundation and as well as the tinted based balm. 100% pure mineral makeup only comes in powder form of pure minerals with no other added ingredients. On the other hand makeup that contains of chemical preservatives, chemical fragrances, chemical coloring and other chemical ingredients will be a burden to the skin with high chance of skin reaction.

2. Always keep the cosmetic product ingredients as simple as it is.

100% pure mineral makeup is so safe to use, as it is completely chemical free. The tips are always keep the cosmetic product ingredients as simple as possible as this will reduce the possibility of skin disorder. Of lately more and more cosmetic products have add on with active ingredients for hydration whitening, anti oxidant and others in order to attract more consumers. All these additional active ingredients may be the major cause of skin disorder or sensitivity. As a result of that simplified the cosmetic makeup ingredients is very important. If you would like to have a multipurpose cosmetic as skin care and makeup it would be wise have it separately.

3. Cosmetic skincare provides radiance complexion, cosmetic makeup provide the confidence of you

Using skincare is very important! Skin’s moisture needs to be replenished regularly. Using proper skincare will make your skin soft and supple and it allows makeup to adhere to skin more evenly.

4. Cleansing is primarily step for healthy glowing skin

Cleansing is the primarily step for healthy glowing skin. Especially for the person who put on makeup it is important to sure there is no residue left behind which can cause clog pores. 100% pure mineral makeup user can be worry free as the molecule of the mineral is only adhere on the skin, by just normal cleanser it can be cleanse off the makeup easily and totally. This is also due to the reason that 100% pure mineral makeup doesn’t contain any oil based ingredients therefore it is easy to cleanse. The mineral molecule is unique where it s no adhere to the skin without clogging pores therefore it can become protective shield to avoid the dust from the skin

The reliable cosmetic makeup for acne sufferer

Causes of acne prone skin

  • Genetic
  • Hormones
  • Stressful Lifestyle
  • Poor Diet
  • Medications
  • Inappropriate skincare / cosmetic makeup products

All the above are the causes of acne. It is important to remember that acne is ultimately a result of bacteria growing in clogged pores. Bacteria cannot grow or multiply without the presence of moisture. This is where pure U.MI 100% pure and natural mineral makeup plays an almost magical role in controlling acne. U.MI 100% pure and natural mineral makeup is made of natural minerals derived from the earth, these minerals are not only inorganic but they are also extremely resistant to water. They actually act as shield on your face keeping bacteria feeding moisture away from your pores. U.MI 100% pure and natural mineral makeup is not soluble in water so even if you put water directly on your face the minerals will not absorb the water U.MI 100% pure and natural mineral makeup does not clog pores either. It is so finely milled during production and extremely easy to blend with the skin with a very flawless look and conceals problem areas very well. Furthermore, U.MI 100% pure and natural mineral makeup contains 100% pure mineral that are fragrance Free, synthetic color Free, chemical preservatives Free and Chemical ingredients Free