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Silk Face Brush

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A flawless makeup application starts with the right tools. Whether it is professional makeup artist or simple routine makeup consumer, the right use of cosmetic makeup tools will complete perfect makeup effects. Therefore owning quality cosmetic create good makeup results. Prior to this, knowing the type of brushes for the right usage purpose makes your money spend on brushes worthwhile.

What Is It

U.Mi Makeup Silk Face Brush is made of quality silk it is extremely soft and ideal for applying loose minerals evenly on face and it quickly foam a flawless “HD” finish. It gives you lasting and optimal results all day.

How To Use It

To begin with, start brushing on formula around the nose, and then gently blend onto the rest of the face. Make sure to add extra coverage where it is necessary.


U.Mi Makeup Silk Face Brush can be easily cleaned with gentle facial cleanser to keep them clear and maintain softness thus it helps to prevent common skin issues such as acne. Suitable to use for powder types formulas that provide flawless and full-coverage look.

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