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Concealer Brush

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A flawless makeup application starts with the right tools. Whether it is professional makeup artist or simple routine makeup consumer, the right use of cosmetic makeup tools will complete perfect makeup effects. Therefore owning quality cosmetic create good makeup results. Prior to this, knowing the type of brushes for the right usage purpose makes your money spend on brushes worthwhile.

What Is It

U.Mi Makeup Concealer Brush is ideal for touching up powder and covering ‘hard-to-reach’ areas around the nose and dark eye circle. It can also be used for eye shadow application.

How To Use It

When using the brush for powder touch-up, apply to areas around nose and mouth (or wherever you need extra coverage). It is suitable to use to apply eye shadow all over the eye lid. Clean the brush with gentle facial cleanser often to maintain cleanliness.


U.Mi Makeup Concealer Brush provides additional coverage where there’s redness and obvious area like dark eye circle or acne scar. It can also be used for eye shadow application.

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