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Foundation Nude

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U.MI Makeup Powder Foundations 4-in-1 mineral foundation contains just natural ingredients; minerals which are kind and gentle, protective and nurturing for skin. U.MI Makeup Powder Foundation is classic cover raw natural powder provides excellent coverage and protects skin with an SPF 15, while the long-wearing formula creates a luminous finish. 

Experience the 100% pure natural mineral from the Mother Nature to your delicate skin: 

·       Talc Free

·       Paraben Free

·       Fragrance Free

·       Chemical Preservatives Free

·       Oil Free

·       Non Comedogenic

·       Hypoallergenic

·       100% pure & natural mineral powder

Four In One Foundation:

1.     Concealer 

2.     Foundation

3.     Finishing Powder

4.     Setting Powder (Veil) 

Color shades available:

A. MF01_ Fairest. Suitable for fair skin tone 

B. MF03_Sunny Beige. Suitable for natural skin tone ****Most popular color shade****

C. MF 05_Nude. Suitable for medium beige skin tone

D. MF 18_Honey. Suitable for medium dark skin tone 

You can be your very own makeup artist create the natural flawless look in just 10 minutes! Just a bit goes along way.

Step 1, Pour

Step 2, Swirl

Step 3, Buff


Mica, Sericite, Zinc, Black Iron Oxide, Red Iron Oxide, Yellow Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide


6 grams

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